Starting the live steam injector on E.B.T #16

Starting the live steam injector on E.B.T #16

Brioche Knitting: How To Use Two Colors and Knit Brioche in the Round

Brioche knitting really comes into its own when you knit with two or more colors. It’s easiest to learn this technique while knitting in the round, practicing on a two-color hat or cowl.

Clasp Versus Elastic

As a customer or as a jewelry designer we both have the same problem with our bracelets; the perfect fit. Measuring the wrist is the only method to acquire the desired fitting. Connecting the ends with a clasp versus elastic is the next problem for either a practical or a decorative professional finish.

Brioche Knitting: How to Decrease and Knit a Two-Color Flat Brioche Scarf

Advanced skills in two-color brioche knitting includes decreasing (useful for the tops of hats) and knitting flat with two colors, which is more complex than you’d think. You can also learn how to fix mistakes in brioche, one of the biggest knitting challenges of all.

Crochet Worries And Stress Away

Have you ever wanted to just break away from the hustle and bustles of every item on your plate? I encourage you to learn how to crochet. As a child, I was invited by my aunt as I watched her on one of her creations, to try it. I was hooked. No pun intended. It was then that I developed a love of crochet.

The Beauty Of Beach Art

Beach art can be the work of children at play. It can also be the talent of professionals who have their sculptures judged. It is a form of art like any other. We can chuckle at the whimsy of a child shaping a pile of sand, or gasp in awe at the creativity and beauty of a professionals handiwork.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying Model Ships

Did you know that the first ship model was built in Egypt around 3200 B.C? The purpose, then, was to build and check the design before building larger ships.

5 Tips for Purchasing Model Boats

Did you know that ship modelling is almost as old as the practice of ship building itself? The earliest model boats were discovered in the Mediterranean, between the ancient Greece and Phoenicia. However, they were crude model.

The Benefits Of Interchangeable Knitting Needles Like The Addi Clicks

This article describes the advantages of owning an interchangeable needle set for frequent knitters. It also offers a step by step guide to casting on your new project with your set.

Creative Projects Using Laminating Pouches

There are many ways to use laminating pouches aside from the usual professional and home use. Laminating pouches are often utilized to prepare sturdy identification badges, signs and other materials. These essential supplies can also be used for creative projects.

Breaking Out Of Beginner Knitting: The Essential Skills

Beginning knitters need a solid foundation if they are going to succeed and avoid frustration in the future. Here’s what you need to learn in order to get the best possible start as a beginning knitter.