The Coolest Little Lego Train I’ve Ever Seen!! Big E 2023!

The Coolest Little Lego Train I’ve Ever Seen!! Big E 2023!

How to Beadwork – Learning a Craft Full of History

For centuries many cultures have used beads for more than just jewelry. Wampum or purple and white beads made from shells were used for currency. Owari beads are used for playing games such as Mankala. And other beads are used for religious purposes such as those found in a rosary.

Bead Tutorial – Learn to Make Jewelry at Home

Who doesn’t love a homemade gift? A gift that you take the time to create for someone becomes a very treasured possession for the recipient and possibly a fun new hobby for you. From scrapbooking to knitting handcrafts are hot right now and nothing is hotter than beading.

Craft to Make at Home – Tap Your Talents and Be Creative

What was your favorite class in school? It should come as no surprise that the top answer is art. From paintings to Popsicle stick sculptures creating things is something everyone enjoys.

Bead Instructions – Where to Find the Best Ones

All girls have a soft spot for jewelry. From Cleopatra and her sparkling silver and turquoise neck collars to Julia Child and her ever-present string of pearls women through the ages have indulged in bangles and baubles as fashion accessories and even as a way to create a signature look.

Reasons to Consider Buying a Serger or Overlocker

Should I buy a serger? Adding a serger to your sewing room is a big decision. What considerations do you need to make? Are the advantages of having a serger sufficient to outweigh the cost and space considerations? Using a serger, with its different stitches and cutting knife, can be intimidating at first, but once you start using a serger, you will find the challenges are small when compared to the great potential your serger offers you.

Learn How To Make A Model Train Now

Learn how to make a model train now. Find out what the best guide is that will teach you everything you need to know on how to build a model railway. Learn the closely guarded secrets on how to plan your model railway.

Model Railway Backdrop – Backdrop Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Railroad Come Alive And Sizzle!

Model railway backdrops can effectively add depth and a higher level of realism to a railroad. Backdrops for model railways should enhance your railroad’s scenery and create the right environment for operating and showing your railroad. Railway model backdrops take time and careful planning to set up right. In this article, you will learn several ways to make your train’s backdrop add the realism that all railroad modelers want to achieve.

Four Scrapbooking Tips

Scrapbooking has become a favorite past time for many. Documenting memories and using creative skills are among the top reason why crafters choose to scrapbook. If scrapbooking has become one of your favorite hobbies, you are likely looking for a way to improve your scrapbooking experience. Below are four ways to improve the look of your scrapbooks.

All About Quilted Clothes

Quilted clothes are a great way to preserve memories or to show off your creative style. Here are some ideas for what you can do!

A Guide to Finding the Best Lace Patterns

Lace, which can be made by hand or by machine, is an openwork fabric that is patterned with open holes. One way of making lace patters is the removal of clothe or threads of older fabrics, but the most popular option is the creation of open spaces as the fabric is being made. The first recorded cases of true lace-making were in the 15th and the early 16th centuries.