The O Gauge Lives!!!

The O Gauge Lives!!!

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Fish Pond?

Properly estimating the cost of your pond is very important. Doing so will not only allow you to properly estimate your total expenses but will also provide you with a pretty good idea as to the final look which you wish to achieve with your own pond.

Handstamped From the Heart

A handstamped card can be just the ticket to someone’s heart. It can make someone’s day. It can cheer someone up. You can touch a heart with the simple gesture of sending a handstamped card.

Firefighter Challenge Coins – Honoring Heroic Actions

Firefighter Challenge Coins are unique medallions that serve as unspoken expressions for courage, honor and selflessness exhibited by firefighters during the course of duty. Let’s look some of the different types of Firefighter Challenge Coins and how they are used including Posthumous, Ceremonial, First Responder Reward, Miscellaneous Awards.

Making the Most of Your Flying Practice

The way many of us fly RC airplanes, five years of experience is more like one year of experience repeated five times. Could I be talking about you?

Honest Model Airplane Term Definitions

Here’s some candid definitions of model airplane technical terms. Tongue firmly in cheek. Or not. (grin)

How to Make Your Own Birthday Card

Almost every child has at one time or another made a card for his or her parents. Imagination and creativity were at full force during this stage, especially when children learned how to use crayons and pencils for the first time.

Some Tips in Making a Handmade Card

Card giving has been a part of many traditions in the world. The practice of giving written messages as a form of greeting was first done by the ancient Chinese in commemoration of New Year’s Day.

Model This: Aeronix Airelle

Warning: gorgeous airplane up ahead. Uncontrollable drooling may be unavoidable.

The Fun of Cable Knitting

Cable knitting is an exciting technique for learners and well-versed knitters alike. Cable knitting patterns open up a new dimension for knitters, but the technique is not a new one by any means. It’s roots go back to historical knitting designs. Cables can and have appeared on everything from socks to sweaters. Cables give interest and texture to a single color design.

Peridot the Green Gemstone

In this article we will discuss peridot. Peridot comes from extrusive igneous rock. These rocks were formed from the eruptions of volcanoes, with the lava finding its way to the surface by volcanic eruptions on the surface, or through fissures in the earth. Volcanic rocks formed from these eruptions. Among those formed were olivine basalt and it is in this rock that the peridot crystals formed.