Trenes de Ferrosur en Cordoba, Veracruz (Dec. 22-Jan. 23)

Trenes de Ferrosur en Cordoba, Veracruz (Dec. 22-Jan. 23)

The Brother SE400 – Your Entrance Into The World Of Machine Embroidery At Home

Although the Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine has been around for almost two years now, it still ranks as the most popular embroidery machine on Amazon by a long way. The fact that so many people have been prepared to review this model speaks for itself and most of them give it a five-star rating. The Brother SE400 is probably the cheapest combination sewing and embroidery machine available on the market. If you are a sewer and ready to stretch your wings by venturing into machine embroidery this is an ideal choice.

What to Expect From Pottery Making Classes

Pottery making classes can really help you bring out your creativity. However, they do require a lot of commitment.

The Health Benefits Of Knitting With Addi Turbo Needles

This article outlines the health benefits of knitting. Start living a happier, healthier life with Addi Turbo knitting needles!

The Benefits of Making Your Own Bath And Body Products

How much money do you spend on bath & body products that run out very quickly and seem so simple to make? I am sure that many people can relate to that question. You can now learn the secrets to making luscious bath & body products of your own for personal use or for profits. Continue reading to get a overview of how the soap making process works and, therefore, how to save money as well.

Tailgating Games: The In’s and Out’s

When you think of tailgating you think of food, beer and friends usually playing some games before a sports game. There a tons of choices out there: cornhole, beer pong, washers, ladder golf. The list is endless.

Why Building a Plastic Scale Model Kit is a Leading Hobby Nowadays

Why is plastic model assembling a fascination? It’s just plain ridiculous to think of owning, say, an aircraft, vessel, lorries, engines or military vehicles in your own home. The best way is to purchase a scaled-down version, without the interiors.

Where Do Windsocks Come From?

Centuries ago the Japanese were the first to use windsocks. They were originally hung on a tall bamboo pole on “Boys Day”, to celebrate all the male offspring.

Creating Pillows Out of Your Completed Cross-Stitch Projects

If you have a finished needlework piece and you just don’t know what to do with it this article gives you a great option. Make it into a pillow that you can use in your home or give as a gift. This article covers the different types of pillows that are good for needlework pieces and the steps to take to make them.

What Are Embroidery Design Files?

When you want to embroider designs that your embroidery machine doesn’t have, you’ll need to understand embroidery design files. This article explains what they are, where to get them, the different formats, and how to use them.

How to Make Your Own Paper Picture Frames

The demand for paper picture frames has increased as creating scrapbooks became more and more popular. The idea of placing your picture in a frame with decorations complementary to the theme of the photo is both new and exciting. You can add embellishments and make the frame as personalized as the picture. Not only that, paper frames are also cheaper than their metal or wood counterparts. They also are durable in their own right since they don’t chip or rust like the wood or metal version.