TS Classic Special: Vehicle Obstruction recreations (2005 Glendale & 2019 Westbury collisions)

TS Classic Special: Vehicle Obstruction recreations (2005 Glendale & 2019 Westbury collisions)

How to Make a Tutu

Tutus are everywhere and most little girls love to wear them. Expect to pay between $30-$60 for one. But you can make a tutu! With this guide, you can make tons of tutu variations that will wow your family and friends. The guide below will help you get started on making your very own boutique quality tutus. What’s even better is that your child can help you! It’s quite easy!

How to Make Quilt Templates

Templates are patterns, so to speak, only with templates you cut the materials you need from strong fabrics. Otherwise, if you are making patterns you would cut the templates from ordinary paper.

Spring Decor – From Flowers to Linens

Updating your home for the Spring isn’t just a matter of strategically placing Easter baskets and daffodils about the premises. Just as you put your winter coats into storage during the rest of the year, you should put away all winter paraphernalia when the weather starts to warm. Take the flannel sheets off your bed, throw out the wilted wreaths, and usher in the light colors and lighter fabrics of spring. Update your table linens to reflect the changing landscape of colors outside with damask napkins and other gentle colors.

List of Stamp Supplies for Collecting Stamps

Stamp supplies are required for handling stamps carefully without causing any damage and also for maintaining the stamps in their prime condition. These supplies allow to easily handle, manipulate, and safely preserve stamps. The set of equipments required for stamp collection comes at extremely low rates and hence, a large number of people around the globe enjoy this hobby.

Types of Pottery Clay

The word pottery is often used to describe many types of ceramics. However to the potter it mostly means a ceramic made from clay and other materials. Learn how it takes markedly different materials and processes to make everyday ceramics such as bone china, porcelain and stoneware.

The Syma S107 C – A Helicopter With a View

The Syma s107-C is the latest mini helicopter in the Syma range. As with all the Syma models the 107-C offers all the great characteristics of the 107g, with the added feature of an HD camera.

Knitting With Lace

If you love to knit, you’ll love to knit with lace yarn. Even if you’re just a beginner, there is a wide variety of easy-to-work-with yarns as well as simple-to-follow patterns to get you started on your way to lace knitting a beautiful item.

Quilt Pattern Selection For The Beginning Quilter

Whether you are from a family where several generations before you were experienced quilters, or whether you are the first in your family to take up quilting, you have no doubt seen pictures or patterns of quilts that you would enjoy making. If your goal is to create a quilt for yourself or as a gift for a special person, pattern selection for the beginning quilter is an important step in the process. By the time your project is completed, you will have invested many hours of your precious time. Here are a few steps to follow in selecting your quilt pattern.

Fabric Selection for Your Handmade Quilt

Fabric selection is an important factor when you embark on a new handmade quilting project. Since any handmade quilt will require many hours of labor, albeit a labor of love, you want to ensure that the finished quilt will be a project you will be proud to display, to use in your home or to give as a gift. You want it to look beautiful, and you also want it to be durable for the purpose for which it was created…

Selling Arrowheads

Selling arrowheads is an excellent way to put some extra cash in your pocket and clear out some of those old artifacts you have sitting around the house. However, doing so requires the knowledge of where to find reputabutable buyers and how to properly handle a transaction. If you’re interested in selling some of your arrowheads, keep reading and I’ll reveal how I’ve made a nice chunk of cash selling some peices from my collection.