Two EMD SD40-2’s at work

Two EMD SD40-2’s at work

How to Make a Pandora Style Charm Bracelet

Pandora style charms have completely changed the way that people make charm bracelets. They have not only made it easier to make them but they also allow you to change the design any time that you want. It should probably come as no surprise that this is by far the most popular way to make bracelets these days.

G Scale Model Trains – Hobby and Fun

The G scale model for trains is the largest among the model trains. It is sturdy, durable, and requires very little maintenance. It’s a great hobby that encourages imagination, creativity, and fun for any member of the family.

HO Model Train Layouts – Unique and Creative

The HO Model Train is quickly becoming popular, because it requires a smaller space, while maintaining the well-defined details of the larger train models. By using your imagination and resourcefulness, you can create your own miniature train station in your basement or even in your living room.

Sewing Machine Repair: A Lost Art

Sewing machine repair has become a lost art for a variety of reasons. More styles than ever are on the market, each with unique repair needs. Many sewers are also turning to older machines, opening up a new niche for vintage sewing machine repair.

Conjuring Inspiration to Design For the Home Jewelry Maker

Sometimes you’re bursting with ideas and making jewelry faster than shorts & t-shirts leave shop windows at the start of cold weather – but other times you get designer’s block and can’t think further than your last necklace. What you need is lots of inspiration and a little motivation. Motivation may be a craft fair in a couple of days you’ll be selling at, or even a big bill you need to raise funds to pay. Artistic inspiration may not be so obvious. You need to get your head outside the box. Walk locally with a note book recording your observations.

The Differences Between String and Crochet Cotton in Home Crocheting

To me personally it seems that crochet cotton is thinner than 1-ply string making it more productive to use 1-ply string. Depending on what you are home crocheting, the thickness can make a difference both to the finished look of the project as well as the time it takes to complete this project. Another difference between working with crochet cotton and one-ply string is that your crochet hook may be a different size right?

Plating Nickel Without Electricity

Nickel plating kits can either use electricity or run without a power source. Plating kits that use a battery or AC adapter are known as electroplating kits while those that don’t are electroless kits. Electroless nickel kits rely on a chemical bath that is heated to a certain temperature.

A Brief History of Redwork

Redwork is a nearly forgotten needlecraft art that, with other traditional handicrafts, is enjoying a revival of interest. It was first made popular in the late 1870’s and was a ground breaking embroidery style that changed the needlework world forever.

How to Embroidery Redwork

Redwork is a fun and easy embroidery style, perfect for beginning sewists. One color of thread and only a few stitches are used to outline clever yet simple designs. If you’re new to redwork, here are some tips to get you started off right.

Model Railroad At Home

Do you still have a dream to build a model railroad? Start now and be ready for your first showing on your birthday or if you are like me have it ready for the Christmas season. The platform may be made portable or stationary. Building a model railroad at home is a fun and exciting hobby for many of us.