YouTube Poop: We are NOT CSX

YouTube Poop: We are NOT CSX

Valentine’s Day Arts And Crafts Projects

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and it’s time for young children to engage in some fun arts and crafts projects. Here are some ideas that you may find useful.

5 Useful Boat and Ship Building Techniques

Each boat building enthusiast has their own way of doing things however if you read on you might just find some methods that you never have thought of or come across yourself. 1. Keeping your battery rechargeable to avoid problems out on the water No matter how good the quality of your battery is or how new it is there can always be problems regarding the holding of charge.

Boat Building Tools – Picking Your Tool Set

If you are the type of workman that blames the quality of their work on the tools then read on to find out what tools you should be using for a high quality boat building project Most boat builder use wood and some fiberglass as the bulk of their materials which means that you basically need to use woodworking techniques and tools for the most part. However you should not buy a generic woodworking tool set as it will not be cost effect. In this article you will discover some tools and techniques that are essential…

Boat Paint Options – How to Choose and Apply

Choosing the colors of your boat is perhaps the most important aspect of a restoration project unless you value practicality over aesthetics For many people their boat is one of their most valued possessions, it is usually bought after many years of saving up and the research done in finding the right one is a labour of love. For this reason regular maintenance is also a labour of love and choosing the right color for your boat can be difficult as typically people tend to change their minds on a daily basis, so how do you go…

Your Soap Style Reveals Your Personality!

Your personality often comes out in the things you do. It isn’t a wonder every domestic goddess has a soap style, whether they crafted it themselves or not!

What You Need to Create Your Own Soaps

This article will discuss making your own soap. It will tell you everything you need, from molds, coloring and cutters.

Model Train Weathering – 12 Must Tools For Making Your Model Train Look Like A Real One!

Weathering model trains is the ability to turn a shiny new train into a realistic “seasoned” looking one. Weathering train models right means you will want to recreate on your locomotive and cars the effects from dirt, different weather conditions, age, scratches, and yes, even dents. Keep in mind the ability to weather any model train correctly is a skill that takes time to develop. With practice and using the right tools you too will have the “realistic” looking model train of your dreams.

Lawn Mower Engine Go Kart: What Am I Getting Into?

You have that riding lawnmower sitting in the back yard and have been scratching your head on how to use that pile of rust for something like a go kart. What can be done? That is the question. This article discusses the basic methods that are typically proposed and what the downsides to these methods are. That way you know what to expect when ripping that lawnmower apart and assembling a go kart you think is going to work.

Including My Kids on a Creative Journey to a Creative Life

I am a creative person. I try to live a creative life; I rarely am organized and have 600,000 scraps of flotsam and jetsam floating around my life, an idea or sketch jotted down on each one. I feel stifled when I am not doing something, making something. From the outside looking in, it appeared that I had also been raising my kids in a creative way. I allowed them self-expression and art supplies galore. They had the freedom of choice on clothing, bedroom paint colors and after-school snacks. Socks? Rarely matched. Intentionally. And birthday parties gave me the excuse to go hog wild while trying to spend as little as possible. A creative game I tried to master. Handmade, homegrown and repurposed were parts of my regular vocabulary. So what? Good Question. What I realized during this recent long Winter Break is that I rarely was embracing my children in my world of creativity. I did more parallel creation than cooperative creation. Though I converted our inefficient and unused formal dining room into a den of innovation, there was not a lot of bonding going on.

Do You Have a Soap Theme?

Anyone who has taken up soap making as a hobby will quickly develop or go through themes when it comes to creating their final product. It’s just a part of becoming an expert in the field.