YTP: An Idiot’s Guide to Train Travel

YTP: An Idiot's Guide to Train Travel

How Is Remote-Control Car Racing Different From Remote-Control Bashing?

Remote-control car racing is one of the most exciting hobbies in the world. It is a hobby not dominated by any particular age. It is just not about controlling the car or truck.

Build Your Own Boat – Proven Boat Designs

To build your own boat you do not need to have as much experience as some people would have you believe. you only need to have the motivation and discipline to see the project through to the end. The biggest problem inexperienced hobbyists have is their own self doubt in getting anything done, this originates from the fact that they believe they will fail.

From Model Airplane Building to a Career in Aviation

Childhood hobbies frequently result in future career choices. Encourage your kids to try a number of hobbies, and one of those choices may hook them for a lifetime.

Boat Building With Hand Tools Vs Power Tools

An in depth look at why you might lay down the power tools and pick up the hand tools in your next boat building adventure. Power tools in boat building are usually required and there is no way around that as the plans compel you to use them, deviations from these plans will usually create problems down the line. Boat building with hand tools can be used without any significant deviations only if you are a skilled boat builder and know exactly what you are doing, which is usually not the case for most of you…

Pros And Cons Of Sewing Machines

What you need to know when purchasing sewing machines. Starting with beginners to expert.

Wooden Boat Building – Local Lumberyard

One of the most important aspect of wooden boat building is to acquire very good quality wood or lumber as this will be the main factor that will determine the quality of the boat apart from your craftsmanship abilities. Ideally you should shop around in your local area and speak to specialist loggers so that they can advise you on what type of wood you need to buy. If this fails then go online as there are many suppliers who have exactly the right type of material that you will need to carry the job out, however some of these…

What Are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are made for all branches of the military as well as other organizations. They are used by the Navy, Army, Air Force, and the Marines and Coast Guard. Since its origination, these coins have been used in many ways.

Deciding Between Toy And Hobby RC Cars For Sale

You have decided you want to buy an RC car and you have been looking at RC cars for sale, but you keep getting stuck on the idea of toy RC cars versus hobby RC cars and you still aren’t sure about the difference between the two. The only thing you are sure of is that the toy RC cars are certainly cheaper than the hobby RC cars and that appeals to you.

Learn How to Stretch and Lace Needlework for Picture Framing

When you are considering framing a needlework or tapestry you should discover the benefits of learning how to stretch a needlework, how to pin and lace a needlework and what the best techniques for framing needlework are. In this article I explain the basic techniques for framing cross stitch and tapestries and what materials you need to get the best results.

5 Essential Steps To Relocate Without Stress

Moving home can often be a time of stress and strain on your relationships and your body. It’s often ironic how you move home for a better standard of living but to get there some people have to go through mental torture to reach their goal. Moving home shouldn’t be stressful in fact it should be enjoyable especially if you read my 5 steps on how to move home without stress.